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Купить у производителя

, химию для очистки и промывки форсунок, тестовые жидкости, очистители инжектора.

Мы продаем концентраты, кислотные, нейтральные, щелочные. Доставка в любой регион.

Так-же химия для мойки водного транспорта, химия для мойки вагонов. - химия для мойки подвижного и тягового состава

Как отмыть пассажирский железнодорожный вагон - химия для мойки катеров

Моем алюминиевую лодку и катер

Ja'far Smith-El Written by Published in Thinking of You Publish 04 December 2013 Read 145853 times
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We must grasp these right lifts, provided in gifts, or repeat the same ol’ lessons…

Taking up this time, realizing that I’m, now with you in between these blessings…

But third I’ll say, ”Thank God”, for each day, of our togetherness still being shared in this world…

Though it took a little longer this distant Love’s gotten stronger, through the many dreams of holding my girl…

Honey, when it comes to our Love can’t nothin’ above, even stop what I have for you…

Like in this desire that’s so hot, non-fiction ain’t got, nothin’ on “Dreams come true”..!


Respectfully yours, by:

Ja’far Smith-El


Ja'far Smith-El Written by Published in Thinking of You Publish 21 November 2013 Read 80299 times
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 And our minds have the audacity to wander, on this binge with reliance...

Letting hearts superbly quarrel undercover, so we restore our disorder of defiance...

In eloquence for each mouth, staying tough and naturally un licked...

Is how this turbulence searched for its latter as, compassions’ finally clicked...?


Ja’far Smith-El

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